Trumansburg Porchfest

June 15, 2019


You can download a schedule and print it at home, or use your smart phone to access the interactive map below. This project was made possible in part by a grant from the Tompkins County Tourism Program. Trumansburg Porchfest is an official event of the Trumansburg Area Chamber of Commerce. A big thank you to our sponsors Hart and Homes Real Estate Team, Little Venice, the Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival, and all of the Trumansburg businesses listed below!


See the interactive map below!

A limited number of printed schedules will be available on Main Street at
Good to Go! Trumansburg Market and Felicia's Brewhouse & Bakery.


1:00-2:00 PM

Bobby Malcomson - 66 Cayuga Street (folk covers)
Danny Speer - 19 Cayuga Street (folk/country/jazz)
Gas Dog - 37 Washington Street (improv rock)
Tburg After School Kids - 9 Washington (instruments)
Eric Harvey - 63 E. Main Street (keyboards)
The Darts - 11 South Street (alternative rock)
Motherwort - 54 Hector Street (all female folk punk)
Jon & John of Maplewood Jazz - 112 E Main St. (jazz)

3:00-4:00 PM

Cook N Friends - 5 McLallen Street (blues/folk/jazz)
Toivo - 33 Cayuga Street (danceable accordion)
Fire Creek - 43 Whig Street (rock/country)
Ironwood - 15 Cayuga Street (modern folk)
The Hot Singles - 37 Washington Street (rock)
Dapper Dan - 50 E Main Street (rock/funk/jam band)
Feed the Fire - 8 South Street (psychedelic rock)
The Outsiders - 110 E Main Street (acoustic rock)

Noon-1:00 PM

Sister Val - 66 Cayuga Street (Americana)
Miller’s Wheel - 36 Cayuga Street (contra/fiddle)
Mary Ott Band - 89 E. Main Street (jazz and swing)
Ephemera! - 7 Strowbridge Street (improv)
FNO (First Names Only) - 25 Washington St (old-time)
Marty Withers Band Reunion (w/GalapaGhosts and Small Kings) -  
9 McLallen St. (acoustic originals)
Escaped Donkeys - 24 Congress Street (funeral dirges)

2:00-3:00 PM

Laila Belle - 32 Washington Street (original country)
All Strung Out - 85 Cayuga Street (folk)
Cayuga Blue Notes - 33 Cayuga Street (country blues)
Thru Spectrums - 89 E. Main Street (funk rock)
Rena Guinn - 15 Cayuga Street (singer/songwriter)
Sean Eller’s Big Old Buzzing Buddies - 39 Whig St (heavy metal and blues)
Janet Batch - 6 Bradley Street (irreverent folk)
Mike Stark - 63 E Main Street (keyboards)
Venissa Senti Quintet - 38 E Main Street (jazz)
Se Leigheas - 5 McLallen Street (traditional Irish)
Cosmic T & the Sleepy G’s - 7011 Searsburg Rd (fresh juicy beats)

4:00-5:00 PM

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 4.14.22 AM.png

Vee Da Bee - 48 Cayuga Street (pop rock)
Vinegar Williams - 95 E Main Street (singer/songwriter)
Sing Trece & Kenneth the Holy Roller & The Funny Man -
42 Whig Street (lyrical and spoken word)
Grassanova - 25 Washington Street (bluegrass/roots)
Three Stone Fire - 5 McLallen Street (traditional Celtic)
Bob Roberts Calamity - 50 E Main Street (folk/funk)
Flunk School - 24A Prospect Street (farm-to-table)
Bradley Street Facts - 6 Bradley Street (improv)
Brookton Bridge - 7011 Searsburg Road (folk-rock)
David Redmond - 85 Cayuga Street (folk-rock)